Monday, July 14, 2008

Yankee Halloween

After finding, I haven't really purchased many Yankee Candle products, but I noticed some cool Autumn scents on their site:

Autumn Gold

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Woods

Autumn Wreath

Cider Donut

Fall Festival

Frosted Pumpkin

Mulling Spices

Pomegranate Cider

Red Apple Wreath

Image source.

Hopefully this year they come up with some great new Halloween scents like Jack O'Lantern Lid, Licorice & Clove, Old Scarecrow, and Halloween Tree.


bean said...

How about Burning Leaves? That'd be a candle I'd buy. And one called Halloween Morning...

Rot said...

halloween morning! Lordy Lord.

October Country - smells like gourds being cut/pies being baked.

bean said...

Excellent scent!

Jon said...

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Cinnamon, popcorn, cotton candy and a hint of copper and coal smoke.

Rot said...

HA! These are GREAT!

bean said...

damn, jon! that one is GOOD. said...

Dias De Los Muertos:
marigolds, canela, brown sugar, clove, oranges, and unsweetened chocolate

Rot said...

That's perfect, crude.

SUICIDE: the almondy scent of cyanide, bitter hemlock, and thornapple.

: )

Jon said... the "Suicide" one.

The Gallows - Hemp, oak, leather and cabbage. said...

haunted monastery: flowers, candle wax, leather, and alcohol

bean said...

ok, i got some. i actually made these up about a year ago:

Attic: dark rich smell of wood, w/ hints of cinnamon & musk

Ababdoned Mansion: tobacco with cracked pepper & lavendar

Morning After The Murder: Coffee, honey, & rose.

Morgue: Alcohol & lilies.

Rot said...

Bog Man: Rich dark caramel with smoky peat.

Witch: Molasses and burnt oak.

bean said...

jon- the gallows is BRILLIANT.

Jon said...

I love all of these. We should send them over to Dark Candles or something.