Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Halloween: A Covenant With Death And Hell

Halloween subtlety disarms our (and especially our children) discernment of witches and the occult. Halloween’s magic potion of "fun and frolic" transformed witches, demons, devils and evil incarnate into "fine folks."


Spookyblue said...


An excerpt from a 2007 essay is as good a response as I can come up with...

Is Halloween evil? The simple answer is: No more so than we make it. In other words, a watermelon isn’t evil because a miscreant spits seeds all over the front porch. Halloween is wrapping yourself up in an autumn quilt and sharing the warmth with your friends and family. If folks can’t understand why all this sharing has to be carried out with the help of paper mache zombies and pumpkins, then I have to wonder if they ever had any fun as kids, or if something ate up all their sense of humor later in life.

Mr.Macabre said...

What I have a problem with is the multitudes of errors and downright falsehoods that this person published! Whether or not a person believes for themselves that Halloween is evil or not is their own personal choice, but there is no excuse for not doing your homework on the subject!
As a Christian, it burns my biscuits to see articles like this, some of us like Halloween!

And woe be to him to simply give a tract out with no candy, it's like saying "I would like my house vandalized horridly please".

I now step off my soapbox.