Friday, August 1, 2008

My Bat Man (A Failed Prop)

Back in 2001, I had an image in my head of a human-sized bat creature that'd hang above the garage door and terrify Halloween visitors. It looked great in my head, but the execution just didn't really work (I probably should have hung it up a little higher and kept his claws against brick and made sure he was always in the shadows).

Saw it in the background when cropping the Hangman Pic and thought I'd post a never-before-seen photo of the Bat Man.



Dave Lowe said...

Not a fail...that's a great looking prop! You're right though, it's just the placement of it that doesn't sell it well.

I can imagine many of these hanging in clusters from a tree or roof line or if just one, hanging from a unexpected odd spot that would single it out, like the arch of a street light.What might be really creepy is the same idea but smaller. 2' -3' bats with distorted human anatomy.

Sorry,I'm rambling, just getting excited for the season.

Rot said...

Thanks, man.
You're right. A bunch in a tree would probably work rather well.

I'm getting excited too. : )

bean said...

you should TOTALLY hang that outside someone's window...a relative perhaps? freak them OUT.

Jon said...

I actually think this one has great potential. Maybe the pose of the head could be adjusted a bit but I agree with dave's comment that it's mostly a matter of placement. At least, judging by this shot.