Friday, August 8, 2008

Sleepy Hollow Legend Night

The flash of the camera detracted from these photos, but I bet this was a lot of fun and looked amazing. The Colonial Ghosts were illuminated only by a blacklight.

It was neat seeing that scarecrow again. I posted a pic of it earlier in the blog. You can see it HERE (probably from another year since it looks a tad different [or maybe they replace the head after it rots out]).

Flickr source.


Pat said...

that's something I need to go to lol I love the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

The Pumpkin Queen said...

I always loved that story, too. One of my fave movies is Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow'. I actually made a scarecrow like the creepy one in the film that you see towards the beginning. It came out pretty good! I grew up in a neighborhood called Sleepy Hollow, and was always proud of that. I used to want to dress up as the headless horseman and ride my horse through the streets on Halloween night. That would have been awesome! hehe