Monday, August 11, 2008

Witch Mask

A coworker from a past job once told me a story about his younger brother. He was terrified of a neighbor's house every Halloween. Not because of the decorations or display, but because of the witch mask that the homeowner wore while giving out candy. In my coworker's words, "He was so terrified of the mask, my little brother couldn't even LOOK at it." The neighbor, and owner of the witch mask, became aware of this fact and made it a point to go out of his way to follow my coworker's little brother, every single Halloween. Always ending in tears.

Years later, all grown up and visiting their home town, my coworker and his brother, both men now, happen to stop by on Halloween night. The neighbor, seeing the brother, runs into the house and is in there for some time. He flies out the front door carrying an old dried up latex witch mask. The brother runs away trying not to look at the mask.

I'd make my friend tell me that story every Halloween.
Man, how we'd laugh.

(I have no idea what the mask looked like, so I just grabbed one off the internet for effect.)


Dave Lowe said...

I sympathize with the brother. Every Halloween as kids, we would make a point of stopping by my Grandmother's apartment building. One night some tenant wandered the lobby wearing a classic "old man" mask. Seeing I was spooked, he played it up. As we took the elevator, He ran ahead up the stairs and managed to appear in the little window as we went by on a couple of floors. To this day seeing that type of mask freaks me out.

Rot said...

Man, that's great. : )