Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Watched the alien abduction film COMMUNION last night. Being a huge fan of FIRE IN THE SKY, I'm surprised it took me this long. I heard a lot about it over the years, and I've seen that strange and creepy book cover illustration by Ted Seth Jacobs so many times.

Very scary film. Christopher Walken was amazing to watch.

It made me think again about an alien-themed haunt that goes for subtle terror, and not the sci-fi, glowing green lights, downed-ufo display (which I happen to dig).

As a kid, I'd probably skip a house that had a bunch of those aliens staring at me with those big awful eyes.


Grim said...

I'm kind of torn because I am scared to death of aliens (probably more than anything else I can think of), but at the same time I would love to make contact with them. I just want to know.

Rot said...

I was reading an interview with the artist of that cover and he was asked how he felt painting something that a lot of people had difficulty looking at.

I can remember seeing the aliens in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS for the first time as a young lad and it scared the crap out of me. I consider these films horror films for that reason : )

Grim said...

Me too. I was always scared of Bigfoot and any Aliens as a kid because my dad would always watch those types of shows and video tape them. I'd watch those tapes over and over, then stay up half the night hiding under the covers waiting for something to get me.

I still get a kick out of that guy on Close Encounters when he snapped and started throwing all those bushes, dirt, etc. into his house through the windows. Great movie... and those aliens scared me too.

Rot said...

HA! I was petrified of Bigfoot as a kid too. Too many IN SEARCH OF episodes. I can remember sledding as a boy and I ended up too far into the woods at the bottom of the hill and my only thought was that Bigfoot was probably nearby. Illogical because everything I ever heard about Sasquatch was that he was a cool dude that ate berries and leaves. Don't know why I thought he was going to pull me apart and scatter my bones. : )

Anonymous said...

This year at Universal Studios- Halloween Horror Nights one of their many haunted houses was Area 51. A haunted zone was set up as if UFO's had crashed and aliens were taking over the base. I thought it was fantastic. Being absolutely fascinated with the subject in general I went through it three times. I have secretly always wanted to be abducted by aliens; as a kid I would lay on my trampoline at night and stare at the sky hoping to see a UFO and signal them to come and get me.