Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Halloween Lounge Music

Great album cover.
Fun assortment of songs. Not really all that dark or Halloween-ish, but still fun to sample. Bourbon might enhance the album a bit.

Sample the songs.

Here's something more like what I was looking for.

From this cool blog.


Steve said...

Not only don't they sound like Halloween songs, they don't sound like lounge music. I don't know what they were even thinking.

Rot said...

yeah, not going to buy this one.
found this one for something a little more tasteful and appropriate:

Steve said...

Now that sound is real gone, daddy-o. :) Nice find. I particularly like the version of Night on Bald Mountain. The Moon-Rays have an interesting beatnik version of The Raven. I have a version of "Satan takes a Holiday" performed by Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey. This version is a bit more upbeat, but also cool.