Thursday, December 4, 2008

Halloween Robots

Was thinking about rusty robots today. Nasty, thin, corroded robots. Wondering if they could ever be featured in a Halloween yard haunt successfully. Maybe some with heads with cracked glass domes revealing rotting human heads inside, as if their creator screwed around with human parts. Was trying to think of scary robots in movies and came up with one from an old film called SATURN 3.

Probably a dumb idea, but it'd be fun making something look like rusted-out metal with human parts fused in there.


jay's shadow said...

part metal, part flesh, something like H.R. Giger would do. (ooppss! i think i spelled his name wrong!) said...

I'm thinking witches standing around a giant rusty robot...that they used magic somehow to breathe life into it.

I could see some strange, green-light-from-the-cracks rusty brown old antiquey looking robot, maybe. Maybe a robot that looks like it was built a million years ago by god-knows-who. I dunno.

Rot said...

I think that's a really neat twist.