Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Pennsylvanians have the distinct pleasure of enjoying a very tasty dessert known as shoofly pie. Straight from Amish country, the sweet molasses and brown sugar filling reminds me of Autumn every time we have it.

It's perfect for Saturday mornings with coffee and a horror movie.

Image source.

Some info and a recipe.


bean said...

we need a new one for the weekend

JHMDF said...

Next prop you send better have a pie with it!!! Bean says you need a new movie.....did you ever pick up Quarantine??

The Captain said...

Sounds yummy

Rot said...

actually, she meant another pie :D

never got Quarantine..but we're planning on it.

JHMDF said...

Well then, you need more pie and Quarantine! :)..........Im need to go get some pie now.

halloween spirit said...

Looks delicious. Reminds me of maple syrup pie. Similar but with maple syrup in place of molasses.