Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is pretty nifty - a hanging (spinning) jack o'lantern kit.


Judy C said...


bean said...

I really dig that the website doesn't use any typical, annoying Halloween music...just the strange windchimes. Nice.

Sean said...

Hello there everyone. This post is from the creators of the jack-o-lantern suspension/rotation kit. Thanks for the attention here. We're bringing them to market ASAP. Everyone should be able to afford them. The entire pumpkin surface become your carving canvas and your jack-o-lanterns will come alive. We can't wait to see what all of you do with this exciting new Halloween tool. Happy Carving!

Enchanted Jack-O-Lanterns Crew

Sean said...

Oh, one more thing. Amazing content on this website! We think you could incorporate our Jack-O-Lantern Suspension Kit into some of your incredible Halloween presentations. We'll add a post on your blog to let you know where to find them. We're planning for broad availability at major retailers. Keep up the great work.

Enchanted Jack-O-Lanterns Crew.