Monday, June 1, 2009


Busy weekend building props. The second Pumpkin Sentinel is almost done and a new prop for the center of the porch is drying. I'll be posting pics of them as soon as they're painted up.

I did an image search for "sentinels" and found these amazing sculptures.

Image source.

More information.


Nev said...

Wow.... those are amazingly eerie.
I love the hands.

ShellHawk said...

What an amazing find! Those would creep me out!

Sam Kadi said...


Kind of reminds me of the costumes in Eyes wide shut, they always creeped me out.

Cant wait to see your updates.

jay's shadow said...

you are killing me. are you going to do what you did last time and post a pic of part of the project?


Rot said...

: )
Nah, for the Sentinels and the porch prop, I'll be showing them in full.

JHMDF said...

Wow full shots!! cool!