Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Secret Of Macarger's Gulch

I had a sense of comfort, but not of security. I detected myself staring more frequently at the open doorway and blank window than I could find warrant for doing. Outside these apertures all was black, and I was unable to repress a certain feeling of apprehension as my fancy pictured the outer world and filled it with unfriendly entities, natural and supernatural -- chief among which, in their respective classes were the grizzly bear, which I knew was occasionally still seen in that region, and the ghost, which I had reason to think was not. Unfortunately, our feelings do not always respect the law of probabilities, and to me that evening, the possible and the impossible were equally disquieting.

Ambrose Bierce

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In Irons said...

I am really enjoying Mr. Bierce's work, thanks for bringing this back to us on the blog. I love the dialog, reminds me of the dialog from the movie True Grit.

Rot said...


Been kinda hooked on him the last couple of weeks.