Monday, August 8, 2011

Yankee Candle Halloween Suggestions

Using previous or currently-available scents (to make it easy on them):

Halloween Night
Combine Apple Pumpkin with Hearthside.

Trick or Treat
Combine Chocolate Truffle with Pumpkin Buttercream with Spiced Orange.

The Witch
Cinnamon Frankincense with Mountain Lodge with Pomegranate Cider.


Ghoulie Girls said...

Those sound fantastic! I hope they take you suggestions.

Rot said...

I wouldn't even bother sending them to the company.
Too risky I suppose. Not friendly enough.

They had some courage in the past...I still have their HALLOWEEN scent and their BURNING LEAVES scent.

Colleen said...

Do you suppose Halloween scents don't sell as well? And that's why they aren't so creative? Or do you suppose they actually don't give a rat's butt? I went out and got Witch's Brew the other day.. which, I'm thrilled they brought back. However, nothing else compelled me to buy it, other than the traditional spiced pumpkin candle. A favorite of mine to have around every year when autumn starts... Would be nice Rot, if they actually got creative. I would certainly be interested!!

Rot said...

I have a feeling Halloween scents aren't quick to sell, especially if they're not something sweet and "happy."

I was going to blame the economy and sluggish sales but then I found THIS article:

Yankee reported that revenue for 2010 was up nearly 8 percent over the prior year, despite a consumer environment that continues to be challenging.

The South Deerfield, Mass.-based maker of scented candles said that revenue for the year was $733.7 million. Profit reached $41.9 million, compared to $16.4 million in 2009.

Yankee Candle said retail sales were up 6.2 percent, to $426.3 million, while wholesale sales rose 9.9 percent during the year, to $307.4 million.

In a statement, CEO Harlan Kent said the company does not believe the "consumer economy is completely out of the woods," due to the current turmoil in the Middle East and other factors, but said the company is "nonetheless generally optimistic about 2011 overall."

SO come on, Yankee...make something dark and creepy.

Amy said...

I cant believe nobody has made a toasted pumpkin seed or burning pumpkin scent yet.

I shall try burning those combo's rot..see how that works.

JHMDF said...

I agree, I think that Yankee's main customers are not looking for a "dark" or "smelly" candle. The Witches Brew is the closest, but it's just a stronger version of their Patchouli. Thanks to you Rot, I now have

Jay's Shadow said...

I know the Yankee Candle store in my areas major mall has a hard time keeping the Halloween scents on the shelves. I was suckered into buying Witches Brew last year....

Marrow said...

Yankee Candles, Dark Candles, fluffy halloween candles, spooky halloween candles...

I feel like some starving African child watching other people complaining about over-cooked steak. :)

I am SO leaving New Zealand. The things I'd give for 'Witches Brew' or 'Pumpkin Patch'...

Zenifer Dsouza said...

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K.O. said...

I would buy all those scents. I especially love "The Witch."

Samsara said...

Autumn Leaves.
I just got myself drunk on this scent all day today.

Shani said...

Autumn Leaves is my absolute favorite!!! Best scent eva! Definitely reminds me of a crisp fall day. I like the Autumn Wreath as well...another goreat "fall" scent. Even though I burn them all year long. ;-)