Monday, September 26, 2011

More Weekend Shots

Pumpkin looking out at the front porch (he's sitting on a plant stand and resting on top of two books for a little added height - The Halloween Tree and The October Country [it just seemed right]).


Amy said... see the forecast for saturday? 50's!!

Rot said...


It better happen.
I'm warning you, Mother Nature.

Jay's Shadow said...

YYYEEESSS! In the 50's this weekend and I start putting up some of my display, this weekend is going to be good.

Why did I hear on the news last week that our area is going to have a bad pumpkin crop due to all the rain we had.....that top pic looks pretty dam good to me.

Rot said...

A lot of those were sitting in water and looked about to burst open...they looked very soft and thin.
I've been hearing that too...but we saw some beauties at local fingers crossed they're not all shipped in from other states.

The prices were low that's even better. I was expecting inflated pumpkin prices.

joy said...

You are going to have so much fun with your haunt in your new location!! I can't wait to see your photos!!

by the way...any ideas of how to deal with a new and very bright street light that floods my front yard??? i checked out skull and bones old site for some tips..
this is so frustrating!!

Rot said...

The previous location was a pain because of the light...but I ended up relying on it for the amber lighting.

Where we're at now, it gets so dark at night.

Not really sure how to battle the bright light. Too bad you can't put a black construction trash bag over it ...and then remove it...but I'm sure we're talking lawsuits and the like if anyone gets hurt.


Autumnleaf said...


Marrow said...

Sweet. Can't wait to see what you'll do with a new canvas this year for you dark and twisted art.

Swamp Foetus is the best haunt name I've ever heard.

MorbidMariah said...

Love the photo of the jacko reflecting in the glass. Nice.

MorbidMariah said...

50's!? wow. I am jealous. We're still hanging in the upper 90's. :(

Anonymous said...

Just wondering. Is that Nonsuch farms in Buckingham?

Rot said...

That's the farm.