Thursday, March 8, 2012

Witch Kitty

This is one of those cheesy props that I've seen in the Spirit and Halloween Adventure stores and every time I'd laugh and hold it and ponder buying it. It just looks so delightfully evil (and annoyed).

It's Old School fun.

If I see it this year, I'm totally buying it.

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Anonymous said...

My cat frequently has that very look on his face.

Jay's Shadow said...

With all of the cool Halloween stuff you have, you have to get at least one cheesey decoration. :)

Joel said...

Heh, I love these guys. I'm always partial to the big oversized rats, perched up on their haunches. Usually rubber with some kind of stuffing inside. They're not particularly realistic, but they're a Halloween department store staple.

SaraB! said...

HA. Don't need one of these 'cause I have a real live one. Frequently with an equally POed expression. But this one I wouldn't have to buy kibble for. Hmm.

Cabrina said...

I totally bought this at the after Halloween sale. He sits next to 'grandpa' and greet the kids. If I position the black light just right...his eyes glow - BONUS!