Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Beast Of Bray Road

In my initial investigation I found that people had been calling the county’s animal control officer, Jon Fredrickson, to ask what the strange creature they had seen could possibly be. Some of the reports to Fredrickson involved multiple eyewitnesses, so that my first count of people who officially claimed to have seen a large, mysterious canine totaled at least eight.

My next step was to visit Fredrickson at his office, where he pulled a manila file folder from a drawer. The folder was labeled “Werewolf.” As I have said many times since, when a county official has an active file folder marked “werewolf,” that’s news. Armed with only a notebook, a pen, and a driving need to solve the puzzle, I began the wild hunt.

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Shani said...

Hmmm...we're heading up to the Mountains for a week next Friday...perhaps I shouldn't consider getting that book yet. =)

On another note...has anyone else seen the movie by the same name? It was terrible...but was curious to see if I was the only one who sat through it.