Monday, April 15, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos

A suitably rich and gorgeous candle to honor the traditional Mexican holiday that celebrates the memories of our loved ones who have passed away. A mélange of devotional frankincense and fragrant marigolds (the traditional flower used to decorate the altars on Dia de los Muertos -- their scent is believed to attract souls and draw them back) creates a deep, delicious, spicy complexity that will give a warm welcome to anyone, spirit or otherwise, who enters your home. Unique and beautiful. 

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girl6 said...

this is Classically beautiful, Very Very Expensive & SOLD OUT.
it's truly Gorgeous tho & Totally fit to represent such a Soulful Celebration.

**Freaks me out, when people say, DDLM is Creepy. :(
i think they're CREEPY...

Rot said...

I agree with you.
A neat holiday with a healthy look at Death.

Amy said...

Holy...did you check out the Salem scent?

Rot said...

Sounds amazing.