Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grid War

A great scene from Tron Legacy.
I'd like to see those annoying cyclists that hog the road on weekends forced to duel to the death in light cycles.  A fitting end to those biker-short-wearing folks.

I'm deadly serious.

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Jay's Shadow said...

I agree. I have nothing against motorcycles, but when got some idiot on one, and they think they just own the road, you would like to see one bust apart into little digital pieces.

I drive a pickup. I like playing that wall. And when they finally do pass me as they give me the middle #1 sign, I wave at them with a big smile and say have a nice day.

Rot said...

i'm ok with's those "people" on bikes...the manual kind...

Sara said...

LOL. Dude, bitter?;) I agree,though. 100%. Now our buses have sayings like, "SHARE THE ROAD WITH CYCLISTS." Uhm, no. They are not cars. NO. I have almost clipped a few guys even trying to AVOID them. Sigh.

Willow Cove said...

In our residential road, there is a pull-over lane for emergency vehicles but those people think its a bike lane. But the runners are the worse. Many times I have spill my coffee a 5 am swerving to not hit them.

Rot said...

They want to be treated like cars, but they go through stop signs and red lights.

Though I act like it would make a difference if they obeyed traffic laws.

It wouldn't.

Rot said...

Every morning, on the way to work, in the dark, there's a tiny man jogging IN THE CENTER OF THE STREET...using the yellow lines as a guide. I swear to christ his destiny is to end up under my car.

I'd convince myself I hit a trash bag or something, and keep going.

girl6 said...

hahahahahhaha!..that's pretty Funny cause my boyfriend is a bicvcle courier & participates in races as well.

& i Must say, i HATE cars...what gives people the right to intimidate pedestrians, Especially when i'm already halfway across the street, crossing on a FULL green & some Effer decides to cut me off in their car, just because they can..Pedestrians do have the right away.

ohhh & those Weekend Warrior motorcycle people---Ughhhh,yeah those OLD Heads...Barffff..

i should just pack a pistol & ask ?'s later.

Sara said...

Willow Cove, the runners are NOT worse. ;) I'm biased. But...we're not.

girl6 said...

OH yeah & RUNNERS are the WURST.
120% the Wurst...if you want to run around & have all your organs bounce around inside of you (it's what happens--look it up if you Don't believe me) & ruin your knees, that's Fine...but ummm could you do it on the walking / running paths, you know the ones that are there JUST for that reason..seems like they're TOO LAZY to get their FLABBY Butts over to the path tho...hahahahhaha!.

There's a thought now...Why don't you jog on over to the "walk / run ways"...hahhahhaha!.

there are way better exercises one can do, to stay fit & trim & Actually build some muscle tone.

the next time. a "jogger" comes creepin up on me ON a Public Sidewalk, all huffin & puffin with their righteous attitude...we're both gonna end up on the 11:00 news.


man...i Hate people.

bean said...

Dang, girl6. I'll be sure and stay outta your neighborhood - I run two miles every morning.


Willow Cove said...

Sorry, Sara, didn't mean to offend. My wife is a runner. Runners are good people. Here, there are a few people who wear dark clothes and run in the street a 5am on stretches of road with no street lights while a sidewalk is 3 feet away. I'm scared for them.

girl6 said...

: D
i'll keep my eye out for you bean!

honestly, i Don't think anyone should get in the way of others.
AND what's up with this hatred of cyclists?.
the Wrong ones are taking the blame for the Jerks.

and i'll Still stand by it..runners shouldn't be doing their thing on the sidewalks of downtown Philly, (it's toooo crowded) they Literally run right into people & Don't even apologize for doing so..that's Not cool, NO matter who's doing it.

i guess my boyfriend shouldn't ride his bicycle where you guys live either then.. :)
we do have a tandem & ride the Valley Forge trail.

either way, there's a BIG traffic problem out there, for Everyone..i Don't even have a car, but, i Still run the risk of being injured by one, because of all the Rude Yuppies that are in a's Not fair or right that i abide by the pedestrian rules & the drivers Don't.

a few weeks back..i was cut off crossing the street on a full green by some nasty chick, who jumped out of her truck & said she was going to "kick my ass".
i told her to get her nasty ghetto ass in gear & go ahead.
i guess she didn't like that, cause she just mumbled & got back into her dumpy ass truck & drove off.

Sara said...

Oh, Willow Cove, no offense at ALL! :) I was just having fun. I agree that runners who run in the street are risky. Anybody out at that hour is taking a risk. I'm pobably one of *those* people. I try to wear white, etc. and be safe. It's all good.

Oh, and girl6, I have flabby arms, too! LOL. ;)

girl6 said...

Ohhhhh Sara!.
that Wasn't meant for you.
That was ONLY meant for the people who do whatever they want & Don't care about infringing upon other people.