Wednesday, December 4, 2013


From the 80's.
An interesting look at the unique identity of horror movie poster designs from the past.

Click below:


bean said...

I love you may have guessed.

Rot said...

I figured you would.
: )

girl6 said...

wow's amazing how Perfectly matched they All are.
i Love how the face in "the shining" as an alienesque vibe.
& "he knows you're alone", looks so sweet, almost as if it were a Valentine day greeting card script, that's crazy good.

yeah, these are all Awesome!!

Johnny said...

I love The Changeling.

Rot said...

Yeah, that's a favorite in this house. : )

Joel said...

On the subject of Hollywood, I just came across this:

(I'm optimistic by nature, but this is sacred stuff. My heart is confused.)