Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Great find by Bean.
"A perfect blend of 60´s/70´s music, but with a modern touch. Perfect for every Giallo Party or Sleaze Disco!  15 tracks of audible black gloves, bloody razors and fateful affairs, like a soundtrack of a never-filmed italian shocker."

Big Sleaze Disco at my house this weekend.

Click below for some Goblin-esque fun:


bean said...

Track two and three fuck yea

Rot said...

Yeah...this is a nice find.

girl6 said...

ahhhh..reminds me how, you guys didn't get to catch goblin when they were here. :(
that just feels Wrong to me.*sigh*

Rot said...

Though i'd probably just be all sour grapes and ugly fruit with all those folks in the crowd.

: )

Steve Ring said...

Track 8, Nessuna Fuga (No Escape), is also groovy.

Rot said...

just clicked on it now : )