Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Halloween Carol

Re-re-re-post of my personal favorite Halloween special.

Tales from the Darkside's Trick or Treat.


HalloweeNut said...

Loved this episode. I remember showing it to my brother (who expected me to always like the sci-fi and geek/gamer stuff he was into, but who can't stand my horror obsessions [like the rest of my family]) and him starring at me like I had just shown him the stupidest show ever.

My family has no taste.

Willow Cove said...

Creepy witch!

Adam said...

I watched this the first time ya posted it. So good.

girl6 said...

man oh Man, this series was one of the BEST ever to be on tv.
i Love it so much, i had to buy it on DVD.
so Cool to check it out now & see All the Awesome old tv actors. (this episode for ex: the grandpop from "lost boys" & the dad from "alf") Much Love.

one of my favorite episodes is "the yattering & jack", which is actually a clive barker story from his "books of blood" series.
i may have mentioned that before, who knows.

LONG LIVE George Romero for producing such a Wonderful series.

girl6 said...

ohhhh & speaking of buying Loved things, we ordered a copy of, "mr. jones" from Borders last night, Nice price & Free shipping.

CAN'T wait!!!...<3333333
i'm going to see if we can play it at the "free library" movie night sometime in the future. :)

Rot said...

no way! that's crazy talk.

that would be SWEEET.

I can sign autographs after... ; )

girl6 said...

Yessssss you can , just like those author signing nights. : D

Mr Black said...

I just watched this the other day. A childhood favorite of mine.