Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hell House


Jay's Shadow said...


Jeff said...

I have what would probably be considered a duh sort of question, so my apologies. Given the organic nature of what we see here with Blind Sentinels, are you using any type of sealant or protective coating on them? In the event they are brought inside as you have here, for overall preservation, etc. I'm using lots of melted plastic in addition to mache but many organics as well. Thanks.

Rot said...

These aren't protected except for the hardened mache and paint (all of the sticks were coated with acrylic paints and then repainted with shades of brown. But my scarecrows from the past were all sealed with a flat black exterior rustoleum spray paint, and then painted with a brush for coloring, and then sprayed with a flat silicone sealer.

Rot said...

I should also add that when using sticks/branches on something you want to last for a while, try using sycamore branches. They're really tough. And take forever to become brittle.

They're denser than normal sticks. Both of these guys are very heavy.

Jeff said...

Cool, Thanks Rot.

girl6 said...

BEAUTIFUL Temple Guards!. : )
& that poster is Grand.

i have some questions.
is that frame a standard poster size, plastic frame/no glass?
i just got a giant vintage movie poster of rosemary's baby (27x41) & i don't want to necessarily do a metal frame w/ glass cause it just becomes too heavy & fragile.

i have ?'s about sealants.
should you always do a coat of sealant (to prevent any bleeding) before you do ANY macheing or painting, then do the final sealing? i use so many old pieces of wood, it's hard to know what the composition is, i worry about bleed thrus, from who knows what? i hope that made some kinda sense?..any advice, would be Greatly appreciated. :)
Thank You!!

oh i just got the craziest commission for a Doctor Who monopoly board. i'm going to shoot for a totally battle ravaged tardis look. : D

Rot said...

that sounds like a great way to do a Tardis board : )

I never spray any kind of sealer until the end.
I've never had any trouble with bleeding.

That frame is the cheapest on the market. I forget where we got it..but it's very thin plastic and a very thin piece of backboarding that feels like thick cardboard...I think Target has some cheapies too, and Walmart. That frame is 27 X 40

Rot said...

...i re-read and i wasn't has a thin plastic clear non-glare cover to protect the poster. With black plastic boards that snap onto each side. so you lay down the back...lay your poster on it...then lay the clear plastic to cover it...and then snap the four sides into place...and they stay nice and tight.

Rot said...

can't find the exact one though

girl6 said...

that frame info is Perfect tho.
i am going to check out Walmart & there's a Target close by there too, so one or the other oughtta do it. i Can't wait to get one!!

one of the art students at Blick pretty much said the same thing you did concerning my sealant ?'s. he said he seals Everything in Elmer's. so yeah, seems, i've been letting other peeps make me doubt myself. live & learn.

Thanks for the help & advice.. :)
i'll show ya the board when it's completed.