Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's Trash-CG Week, Apparently

Saw the trailer for a movie that actually looks like a lot of scary fun.  BUT, the shark is a CG shark.  And it's incredible how much of a difference that makes, even in the trailer.  Naturally my thoughts turn to JAWS and how so much of that horror was seeing the massive shark prop under the water (and above it). 

Click below for the trailer:



Sara said...

I saw that yesterday!! Really poorly done.:(

Sara said...

I wanted to add the movie does look really fun. I didn't realize I liked Blake Lively as an actress til now.

Rot said...

agreed. fun.
And all my negativity isn't aimed at the people who worked on these films.
I just think CG is risky because when it looks fake, it looks FAKE. Mind you, there are shots of the shark in JAWS that look really rubbery. But maybe that's at the heart of this. I can be more forgiving of something like a massive rubber robot being controlled by humans to get a shot. Maybe I'm cutting less slack of a computer designer/artist because I have totally different expectations that their stuff MUST look real if I know they're doing the work via a computer. Maybe that's not fair, but considering the T Rex in Jurassic Park looked 100% real (in the night shots) and that was made way back in 1993, I just don't get how there can be so much bad/poor CG in films these days.
Mind you, I know very little about CG animation, and I'm sure an animator would have a lot to say about how difficult it is to make something look even 60% real. And they'd point out how fake stop-frame animation looked...and how dated and unrealistic matte paintings are...
Rambling here.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, when she's stuck on the rock, it kinda reminds me of The Ruins- where they are stuck on the temple top.

girl6 said...

another shark movie. idk.
jaws is like tops with that.
this reminded me of open water.

i did like beneath..from 2013, i think.
the villain is a GIANT fish. looks like one of those deep sea, prehistoric looking fish. it has a supernatural element tied in with a folklore story kinda twist. i LOVE the fish, it was scary as fuck looking!!!!...brrrrrrrrr

Ragged Grin said...

Jaws is a classic. I still have "Bruce"...a toy shark from childhood with a opening and closing mouth, I think it was from a game actually. As big as the shark is...in the water, cruising alongside the boat, still gives me shivers.

Shark Lake, with Dolph Lundgren, far and away the worst for me. Absolutely comical.

Deep Blue Sea, I feel sleep watching this, woke up moments before Sam Jackson gets...well they got me, pretty good.

The Reef, this is the one to watch. It'll get under your skin and keep you on the beach. Real sharks filmed and integrated into scenes with the actors. Jaws was my childhood nightmare...The Reef is why I hate the ocean today.

Mr Black said...

I taught digital effects at the Nashville IADT campus and I encouraged all of the students to learn practical effects and how they can work along side digital for maximum quality. I sited some of the work for Cabin in the Woods.