Monday, September 19, 2016

Premature Burial

A day or two ago the body was exhumed, prior to its removal to another burial place, when the discovery was made that the girl had been buried alive. Her shroud was torn into shreds, her knees were drawn up to her chin, one of her arms was twisted under her head, and her features bore evidence of dreadful torture.

New York Times article, 1886
Image by punkineater.


girl6 said...

that is so morbid & tragic. poor soul.
& i can also imagine edward gorey totally borrowing from the actual story, like his ghashlycrumb tinies. : (

Willow Cove said...

A fear of mine.

Shallow Grave Cemetery said...

Reminds me of my house as I have my very own Pet Cemetery in the back. So far i'm up too one fancy rat, three gerbils, two birds, five fish, a frog and the snake I accidently killed. No bodies yet.

october pun'kin said...

Love the story!