Wednesday, February 1, 2017

They Look Like People


Rot said...

We really dug this film.
A Lot.

girl6 said...

we watched this a few weeks back & thought it was really thrilling. omg & i really appreciated the ending too. pretty powerful & positive message i thought. a few times towards the beginning & middle i got to thinking of "they live" for some reason? i liked the main dudes too & how they related to each other, they were very sweet together. and...can i just say, i LOVED the 2 chicks too!!!. HAHAHAHAAH, cause man, those chicks were badass. nice to see strong, cool ladies out there not taking any crap, but, still also being sensitive.

hey, at the same time we watched this....we also found, "i am not a serial killer" maybe, you caught it already. but man, it was really good. coming of age story that takes place in a small town, beginning in the fall that continues thtu the holidays. the main teen dude is amazing & christopher lloyd gives a creepy cool performance. it is a crazy, sweet & funny movie. that's all i'll say, i don't want to give anything away.

Rot said...

never heard of that one, but will put it on the list.