Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Hubbardsville Encounter

This video slowly unfolds like the most fascinating and chilling campfire tale ever told...


Gourdin Fester said...

Thanks- spent the whole evening soaking it all in. Would you have made contact or bailed like they did? So hard say unless it was to happen to you I guess. Would like to see what that area looked like the three days after. The description the give of the dirt being just like coffee grounds gives me the willys-

Hal9thou said...

Good story teller. The other guy, not so much. I don't want to hear the word genitalia ever again. Good thing they didn't have any for the alien that was bent over. Watched both "interviews" and read the comments. The guy who filmed them stated that he went to check out the site a few days later, but didn't take his camera because he was skeptical there would be anything there and also didn't want to get his camera dirty (head slap). Also, he took a dirt sample home and kept it in the basement, but guess what. It got thrown out over the years (head slap #2). Fun story, but I'm of the opinion it is just that and I'm a believer.

Rot said...

I was bothered by the lack of photographs as well, but 1991 was a different thought that this could be something that should be shared with the world. I know for a fact if my father saw this event, he absolutely would not have gone back with a camera. It's just how he is. So I'm not as quick to write this off as the guy seemed very genuine.

But with no proof comes no real way of ever knowing if it really happened.

I found the story intensely creepy and had that been me and that creature was suddenly super close to where I was, I would have fallen into the creek and shot away like a squid.

girl6 said...

yeah, back in the day, i think a lot of people didn't really think past the moment. & now, everything is caught on video & strangely enough, for the same reason..they don't think past the moment. haahha...let me show the world (footage of) my wonderful ass. ughhh.

so far, this guy's testimonial, is the only one i've watched, concerning this incident. & then, i read the comments (on youtube) which made me click into the video footage, posted in one of the comments there, of a more recent return to the same spot. & it was hard to tell, how i actually felt watching it online versus if i was maybe actually there. you really have to visit these places for yourself, which unfortunately, most of the time, due to circumstances, is just not possible.

the comments on youtube can be pretty brutal, sooooo negative. it's fine to believe either way, but, why ALL the hate. these are just everyday dudes, telling a story, the best way they can. they're kinda cute actually. hahahaa. the guy in this testimonial, totally reminded me of like a John Goodman (character) type & his use of the word figurines, made me smile everyyyyy time he used it. i am definitely open to his story. i can't see or feel anything, that he could possibly gain by lying. but, either way, it's cool. i DON'T condone tho, these guys being called dimwitted (as someone did on youtube) simply because there is a conflict of believability. being hurtful like that IS not cool & it's usually, the NON believers of anything outta the ordinary, that go there with such hurtful words.

at the end of the can't win, cause, if your story is too detailed, you're a liar & if it's too vague, you're a liar. but then, i also think, actual proof would also be denied & swept over.