Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Great track from the upcoming Suspiria remake by Thom Yorke.

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girl6 said...

one of my favourite reviewers/critics saw this & called it an instant classic & i TOTALLY agree & i haven't even seen it yet. i just believe. HAHAHA!!! i was talking to my dental hygienist (she's a HUGE horror fan) the other day & she told me how she wasn't really a fan of the original Suspiria. she feels that it's too much glitz & over the top for her taste. so i told her that this remake is probably going to be the version for her then. i said..where as the original is all juicy colour & glamour..the remake is all mud (earthy) & repulsion. she said..that intrigued her & made her want to check it out now. & the fact that thom yorke is dropping the beats for the soundtrack was the final clincher for her.

i was SO concerned about this remake awhile back. BUT..NOT anymore. i'm not really concerned with any remakes anymore for that matter. sure..NEW movies are preferable, but, i don't want to miss out on the remakes that are going to be masterpieces. IT & Oceans Eleven..BETTER that the originals. and maybe..remakes will be to some what the originals are to others. it raises the bar higher..for quality. some will succeed & some won't. my favourite movie..Rosemary's Baby was remade & ehhh, it is what it is. i know..Zoe Salanda made it outta love at least. BUT..i'll always have the BEST..the original.

Rot said...

Same here...i have a great feeling about this one.