Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Now Playing: Atmosfear

An annual tradition and a personal favorite High Noon release...

Every track...reminds me of the days of trick-or-treating...when you'd approach a house all decked out with homemade decorations and you'd hear wind sound effects and creepy music playing from the bushes.  Back then, man, that was so unexpected and cool.  And totally unnerving and spooky to a kid.

Click below:



ShellHawk said...

I love this album.

Though to be honest, I love them all! They all make for great music while I'm painting or throwing pots!

The Gill-Man said...

This was the first purchase of a Halloween at High Noon album I made, and I LOVE it! To me, it is the ultimate, creepy soundscape for a Haunt. If I ever do a pro-haunt, this WILL be what is piped in through the house.

I'm with ShellHawk though...there isn't a single track from them I don't love, and every year my H@HN playlist grows! Their annual release has become a huge part of my Witching Season traditions