Friday, December 14, 2018

‘Homecoming’: All the Classic Movie Soundtracks In The Series – And Why Sam Esmail Used Them

Wow.  This is nuts.  Neat article about the music used in this new series.  I scrolled through and saw episode 7's music:

Episode 7

“Gray Lady Down,” composer Jerry Fielding
“The Thing,” composer Ennio Morricone
“The Andromeda Strain” (TV Series), composer Joel J. Richard
“Christine,” composer John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
“The Parallax View,” composer Michael Small
“The Thing,” composer Ennio Morricone
“The Fog,” composer John Carpenter
“Halloween 3,” composer John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

I then checked out the episode (by clicking through it to find the tracks) and it really seemed to work perfectly.  Definitely going to give this series a try.

Click below for the story:


Rot said...

hey, they use a track from the James Horner soundtrack for THE HAND>