Wednesday, April 3, 2019

On The Trail Of Bigfoot

REALLY enjoyed this documentary by Small Town Monsters.  I must confess that Bigfoot was beginning to get pretty low these days on my Paranormal Interest Meter.  I blame over-saturation on this fact, so I was really pleased with a fresh take on the phenomena and an interesting look at the people who spend their lives seeking the Beast.  The most fascinating aspect to me (and I know I was WAY too focused on this) was listening to the different "factions" of investigators establishing their own pecking order of sorts, judging others in the field and self-appointing their own approaches and organizations as top of the Bigfoot Quest food chain.

Elsewhere on this blog I've mentioned my interest in the "unusual" reports of Bigfoot sightings - the ones where a UFO is seen before, during, or after the Sasquatch encounter.  Or other sightings where Bigfoot makes no sounds whatsoever as it lumbers through the forest, or it's carrying a glowing orb, or it appears to pass through an invisible door as it vanishes from sight.   I especially loved how this documentary presented that unusual information.  It didn't hold back.  And I was overjoyed to hear the different groups discuss these bizarre outliers.... most of them rejected them as absurd...a notion which I found COMPLETELY absurd.  Like if you're investigating BIGFOOT do you really have a right to dismiss ANYTHING WHATSOEVER as ludicrous???

But this documentary had the chops to discuss those reports.

I highly recommend a viewing of this wonderful addition to the Small Town Monsters collection...

Click below for the trailer:


Patrick Nottingham said...

If you've embraced the "woo" side of the Bigfoot phenomenon, give the Strange Familiars podcast a listen to. I think Timothy Renner, of Strange Familiars, does a pretty good job of going down some odd roads while maintaining a pretty balanced view of things.

Rot said...

thanks for the recommendation. will do.

Been listening to a lot of Stan Gordon lately.