Saturday, April 6, 2019

Trailer: Joker

I found this to be delightfully different than I was expecting. 


Jay's Shadow said...

(Just my honest opinion and rant)

I have been a Joker fan since I saw Jack Nicholson’s version. One Halloween party I went to, I painted my face just like that way, and everyone loved it. (Wish I could find a photo)

I watched this trailer several times. I don’t think it follows The Joker in certain aspects.

Like, what happened to the scars at the corners of the mouth. His father said “let’s put a smile on that face”, and proceeded to cut lines from the corners. I don’t see any mention of a father figure in the trailer nor scars on his face.

I know it is REALLY hard to replace Heath Ledger as the Joker, but I think they could of found someone better to play this part.

Unknown said...

This isn't a sequel. He is an archetype and his mental instability to allow for his canon identity to be in flux.

Willow Cove said...

Wow, This looks neat!

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

I can't wait.

The Gill-Man said...

Jay's Shadow...the Joker has had many "origin" stories in the comics, with the implication being that he's so insane he doesn't really know which one is "real" and which is fantasy. The whole "let's put a smile on that face" was specifically from the Christopher Nolan helmed version, and doesn't have any tie to the comics (though it is just as valid). That iteration of the Joker ALSO claims to have put a razor in his mouth to create the scars. Which one is correct? We don't know, and likely the Joker doesn't either. Notice in the Burton films, the Joker gets his smile through a combination of the chemical accident and botched plastic surgery...which is completely different from the Nolan series. In the comics, different writers have played around with different possible origins, and recently there was a story arc that introduced the concept that there may actually be three different Jokers running around (that particular mystery has yet to be solved).

This film is, appropriately, set in its own continuity, with no ties to the Nicholson, Ledger, Hammill or any other possible incarnation of the character. Since the "multiverse" concept is such a huge part of DC Comics mythos, this stand-alone flick works as an independent interpretation, while still being "canon".

girl6 said...

BEAUTIFUL. i can't wait to see this backstory. caesar romero is the Gov of jokers & jack nicholson was very entertaining, but, he was SO he almost always was, especially back then in the 80's/90's. & man when heath ledger came along with ALL that gritty insanity..i fell in love with the joker all over again. ledger was so organic, he wasn't not dapper like romero..but, he was equally as perfect!!

this trailer has an old movie vibe for sure. it's conrad veidt (the man who laughs) meets lon chaney sr (laugh clown laugh) sprinkled with some charlie chaplin on top. from what i understand the original illustrator of the joker was heavily influenced by conrad veidt's "the man who laughs." so many parallels between veidt's character of a physically abused/scarred child who grows up to become a clown.

after jared leto's MESS of a joker..i just couldn't imagine another actor coming along & being able to jump in with romero & ledger. i think Joaquin Phoenix is going to be that actor. he's such a fine & underrated talent. always dug him. & i love that his joker also looks very organic & yet feels very different than ledger's turn. i'm hoping he will seal the holy three.

Ohhh & don't forget..the "6 must die" date is coming up. April 21st & it falls on Easter Sunday this year!!!! HAHAHAHA...soooooo goood.

Rot said...

great comment : )
and totally agree. this looks so intriguing. he seems amazing already in the role.

haha..Antonio Bay Day!!!