Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pumpkin And The Disco Ball

I had heard about the pumpkin prank but was never aware of the disco ball.

Excerpt from wikipedia:

On October 8, 1997 a pumpkin appeared atop the spire of McGraw Tower. Because of the danger involved in retrieving it, administrators decided to leave it until it rotted and fell off. However, the pumpkin rapidly dried out in the cold air and remained on the tower until it was removed with a crane on March 13, 1998 (it was planned that Provost Don M. Randel would remove it, but in a practice run the crane basket was blown by a gust of wind and knocked the pumpkin off). Some people had claimed that a real pumpkin could not stay up that long without rotting and that it must be artificial. However, subsequent morphological, chemical, and DNA analysis by both faculty members and undergraduates confirmed that it was indeed a pumpkin.
In April of 2005, a disco ball was attached to the top of the tower. A crane was hired to remove the offending orb in an operation which cost the university approximately $20,000.

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NecroBones said...

Pumpkins definitely can solidify like that. I had left two out on my step one year, probably for a good six months, and they appeared to be freeze-dried. Eventually my girlfriend insisted that Halloween was over and they needed to go.