Friday, October 3, 2008

Third Place

As in THIRD PLACE in the scarecrow contest.
The Hollowman comes in third. Going up there tomorrow to photograph the ones that beat me. I'll post them here.


jays shadow said...

cant wait to see what could possibly beat this one. dont tell me its another EGG.

Grim said...

Aaaaahhhh... that's just wrong. Like you said though, the day you come in First is probably the day you've lost your touch. You know you're first in our books anyway.

Drop Gallow said...

What the [expletive deleted]? You've got to be [expletive deleted] kidding me! Who the [expletive deleted] is doing the [expletive deleted] voting on these things? [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]!?!?!
Sorry, I got a little emotional there.

Rot said...

Heading up there now. : ) Beautiful day to do it.

Funny thing is, I think the one that won is the SAME SCARECROW that beat BLIGHT two years ago. The rules don't say that you can't do that, but it just seems stale and strange. I swear I'm not being sour grapes, just an observation.

I'm happy with third. Like Grim said, the year I took first would be the year my touch is gone and I appeal to the masses (they're the voters).

Bones said...

Haha, I'm half expecting an Egg too. :)

Figures. I don't think they'll ever let something non-cute win, on principle.

Jon said...

Effing criminal.

Anonymous said...

First place or third in my opinion the ultimate prize is being able to expose different people to your artistic visions. Opening their eyes and inspiring others is the true reward! Stay true to what you do.