Friday, December 5, 2008

Bog Man Video

Went through old files the other night and found this video from when I took the Bog Man out for his photo shoot. I stuck some music from the film PLASTERHEAD to it. Bad movie, GREAT score.


Anonymous said...

this is by far my favorite prop you've made!

JHMDF said...

Nice...hes one of my favorites. You should check out the soundtracks to the Silent Hill video game series. They are full of wonderful ambiant sounds, piano, and mechanical noises. Some of them have vocals...but the ones without are the best.


Rot said...

Happy to report that bean gave me that cd (bootleg) a while back and we listen to it all the time. Couldn't agree's a GREAT soundtrack.

JHMDF said...

Nice...It is my favorite series of games, and the movie was pretty damn good too. IF YOU MADE A PYRAMID HEAD SCARECROW, YOU WOULD BE MY HERO!!!.....and I would want it.