Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Going through Haunted Overload's amazing images again. Bean and I were talking about getting ourselves up there this year. Hopefully we can somehow swing that. As it gets closer to Halloween, those two weekends before the holiday are crazy busy with last minute haunt preparations, but I really can't let myself miss something like this. I mean, GIANT SCARECROWS. I'd never forgive myself if we don't see these things in person.


bean said...

We really do need to do that. :)

The Frog Queen said...

I have met them and heard nothing but good things about this haunt from other professional haunters. And believe me, that does not happen too often :)

Someday I am moving to the other side of this country - you all do Halloween soooo well over there.

I was talking to Leonard about holding Hauntcon on the west coast....he said. "Find me a few good haunts within driving distance of each other"....oh, yeah, I see the problem.

Thanks for sharing!


Grim said...

I've often thought the same thing about your haunt, I would love to see it in person.

Jon said...

Must be seen to be believed. Truly.

Bonus: if you get your butts up here we can hang out.

Rot said...

That's a cool bonus, man.

We'll let you know how it's looking closer to Halloween.