Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'll have the 2009 gallery page done this week.
Here are two shots showing the tree of Dead.
When the wind blew, the witch jars would flicker and the bodies would sway.


NecroBones said...

Man, that's really cool. Quite freaky in person, I'm sure. It's nice to put the wind to work for you, rather than just be torn down by it. :)

Brandi McKenna said...

The most beautiful thing i have evr seen. Look forward to seeing ALL the pictures. You make MAGIC!!!!

Sam Kadi said...

THis is definitely your best work to date. Ill comment more, I just cant believe how cool this came out. I cant wait to see more.

woofboy111 said...

Very cool! From what I've seen of your stuff on this site, I must say that your work is by far better than the stuff I've seen the professionals at Halloween Horror Nights do!

Hope you got plenty of trick or treaters and didn't face the curse of "city endorsed" trick or treating that we have to compete with here...

Rot said...

I technically didn't get even one trick or treater.

We set up the day before Halloween for photos and left only the corn and the pumpkins at my parents' house.

They said they didn't get many kids due to the rain.

But at least it still looked neat with all that corn, a giant unmanned cauldron, and a bunch of jackos.

Jon said...

I've struggled with a way to describe your haunt this year but I think I've finally got it:

It looks like a bomb went off in Hell.

Great job.

The Frog Queen said...

Stunning as always. Amazing to me how you always manage to outdo yourself every year! Look forward to all the pictures!


Roses said...

Lovely, as always.

Truly an atmosphere that could only be created with such elegance and macabre by you and yours. :)

Happy Halloween, Rot and Bean!

-The Roses

Otaku said...

Wow. You weren't kidding when you said this year's haunt was going to be very dark. Wish I could see your amazing work in person some day. Beautiful and inspiring. Can't wait to see all the pics!