Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scarecrows, Ghosts, And Giant Claws

Such a great photo. I love that the pumpkin-headed scarecrow is holding a lantern.

More photos here.


Ghoul Friday said...

I like the idea of incorporating antlers.

My poor scarecrow had a lantern (and there were lanterns throughout the party) but they all died within the first hour. Going to get all MacGuyer and try to hack them.

Jon said...

I can't believe I missed this! The 'crow with the antlers! Phenomenal!

Makes me think of Larry Fessenden's "Wendigo" creature.


JD said...

Thanks for the high-five, Jon.

It was an old set of elk antlers my late geologist dad found in the desert in Western Canada some 40 years ago. Came across it while looking for inspiration. Seemed a shame to have it collecting dust in my storage room. Required some facial reconstruction and enhancement.

Note the hands were fashioned out of another incomplete set of antlers. Made the workshop smell like a dentist's office.