Sunday, March 14, 2010




Jay's Shadow said...

Loved how dark this one was....any plans on using the corn witch for 2010?

Rot said...

No, sir.
I already trashed her body/costume.

But I kept her head/helmet as a souvenir.

Sam Kadi said...

Can you talk about the body? It appeared that the head was lower than where a normal head would have been. Awesome shots, fricking genius.

Rot said...

That photo is the best way to describe what it'd look like without the helmet. Her face was a foot and a half away from the wearer's face. I built it around a batting helmet. A thin stick had to be held by the wearer to control the movement of the head.
Imagine the wearer's head about a foot and a half behind the witch's face...below those sticks and that pointed part of the the blackest part of that photo.

I'll snap some photos of the helmet later and post them.

Rot said...

And the body was built to rest on the wearer's shoulders... without the witch head on, it looked like a person had a massive turtle shell on their back.

Pam Morris said...

I love the pictures of your Halloween creations on the big night...did you ever think of putting a book together-sort of a coffee table type thing? something to chronicle your haunts and how they evolve from year to year. I'd buy it for sure!

Rot said...

: )

We'll see how the Haunt Theory book goes. I intend to pack it full of photos, new and old.