Monday, March 15, 2010

Nightmare Man

I was young when I had my first exposure to Michael Myers. Halloween II must have been on TV, because I'm positive I didn't see it in the theaters, and I'm certain that my parents didn't rent the video. The Myers in the second film is quite different than the one in the first. The mask is firmer and creepier (though I've read that it's the same mask used in the first film [it's just a few years older]). His movements are disturbing and lifeless. I attribute that to a different actor portraying Myers in H2 (the talented Dick Warlock) and to the fact that Michael Myers is officially back from the grave, being stabbed and shot repeatedly (and killed) during the ending of the first film.

I met Dick Warlock at a horror convention years ago. The guy is super nice and I told him his portrayal of Myers was my favorite (fanboy). He was flanked on both sides by actors who portrayed Myers in the other films. He joked and said "Not so loud! These guys will kill me!"

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The Frog Queen said...

My favorite kind :) Great photo always a fan of black and white.