Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dulces De Calabasas

My brother and I hit up a Mexican grocery store tonight. We loaded up on hot sauce and chorizo and some other cool things like hot peanut candy, tamarind balls, and hibiscus soda. Up near the register we saw a plastic bin filled with triangular wedges. It was dulces de calabasas - candied pumpkin. If you've ever had carmelized ginger, imagine a piece that's the size of a jack o'lantern's triangle eye. And imagine if it tasted like sweet pumpkin pie. I'm a guy that can't stand dried fruit so I was a little worried I'd hate the texture. But it melts in your mouth.

I snapped a few pics.

And I found a recipe.


Smilodonna said...

Ah, the delights of Mexican candied delicacies! Glad to find you've encountered the wonderful stuff (and pumpkin, no less)! Candied pumpkin, yam, and cactus (cactus being my personal favorite) are part of my "must do" list whenever I go back 'home' to the Southwest. I particularly associate the treats with Dia de los Muertos; many a Nov. 2nd was spent strolling Old Town San Diego at night between the altars munching on candied cactus. Good times. Good, tasty times.

The Frog Queen said...

You are the coolest person!! I am so going to find this stuff...I could make my own mind you....but, I won't.

Growing up in So Cal, you think I would have heard of this....but completely missed my radar.


Sara said...

Never tried it, and I too grew up in SoCal. My husband tried candied cactus and barfed, but I have never even SEEN this. Yum!

Dark Carver said...

Cool. I'll have to buy these whenever I can.