Friday, April 30, 2010


Decided to experiment and buy some incense sticks from a company other than Gonesh since I was looking for something very specific - black licorice. Mystic Ways came up after a quick search and I placed my order for anise, nutmeg, and pumpkin. It took two days to get here. That's crazy fast. I could smell the three mingled scents when I lifted the box. Very nice.

Incense sticks are tricky. The pre-flame and post-flame scents are obviously going to be pretty different. And often times the post-flame smoke ends up smelling like a pretty bland and standard incense. That's why I love Gonesh incense so much. The smoke scent is darn close to the unlit scent.

Mystic Ways' sticks are intense in their pre-flame state. Like store-on-the-back-porch intense. It's impressive. The house smells of licorice and spice. So when they're burning, you can smell both aromas. Which is neat. The nutmeg and pumpkin post-flame scents are creamy and light. The anise is dark and sweet.

Good prices. Quick delivery.

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HalloweeNut said...

Thanks for telling us about it. I will definitely be checking this out, along with Gonesh.