Monday, April 5, 2010

The Haunting

Click the pic to watch a truly creepy scene from this wonderful film.
Made in 1963 and SO ahead of its time.


Mr. Chicken said...

I've made a habit of watching this movie on Halloween after I pack everything up. Its awesomeness is almost unmatched.

Otaku said...

"Whose hand was I holding?"

That scene is a favorite. I love how the director used the contrast and lighting to create the face on the wall. Filmmakers who worked in black and white really knew their limits and how to get the most from the medium.
My mom wouldn't let me see this movie when it came out in the theatres - she thought I'd be too scared.

She was right.

Rot said...

I'd agree that it's unmatched.
The bedroom scene with the scratching and banging at the door always blows me away.

merricat said...

Oh, what a fabulous film, of course an even better book.


This is one of my favorite films to watch at Halloween. I love the fact that it's terrifying, yet you never see anything gory, nor do you see an entity directly.