Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm On The Second Step

I heard a coworker asking people if they remembered this spooky tale. I was the only one who remembered it. I brought up the story of the Green Ribbon. Nobody remembered that one. It's funny the things you assume others MUST know. Made me thankful my grade school years were filled with ghost stories and spooky tales every Halloween season.



Sara said...

I LOVE The Green Ribbon and was JUST thinking about that today when I picked up my library book, The August House Book of "Scary Stories: Spooky Tales for Telling Out Loud". It gives tips on how to tell scary stories out loud to a group. I had never heard "I'm on the Second Step"...or maybe I have but a different rendition?

...I just realized how freaking dorky I must sound. Hey, I just found another version of The Green Ribbon in this book. "The Red Satin Ribbon" and it says it is based on a European ledgend.
*insert dorky Steve Urkel gigglesnort here*

Smilodonna said...

I must admit that I would have drawn a blank when it came to the names of the tales because I'm familiar with other permutations of the same general premise. I'd imagine that many of those great classic ghost stories traveled a la the game "telephone;" most of the details may have totally changed,but the basic 'scare' basically remained intact.

Sara: Aren't those sorts of books great?! I still have all of my Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series, and I think both tales are found there in a different form. I'm so glad my family indulged my early interest in the macabre.

GhoulishCop said...

I remember both stories (or versions thereof), and recall having a record with the Green Ribbon story on it (though I also remember it being red). I still recall the creepy woman's voice at the end:

"...and her head rolled onto the floor, wailing in the moonlight: I told you you'd be sorry!"

I must've been 10 or younger (so that makes it pretty old) and it scared the bejesus out of me so much so that I can still hear it in my head.