Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gnome Homes

Was thinking that it'd be a funny prank of sorts (and a neat creative hobby) for someone who loves to build miniature houses to make tiny rounded door fixtures to fit at the base of trees where roots are exposed. So when people are walking along a trail in some wooded area or park, they'd see a tiny detailed gnome home door. They could even add little footprints leading to and fro. But nothing too obvious. It'd have to be crude. And it'd have to look weathered and practical. would be a great site to check in on (I'd assume they'd photo-log the whole process).

I can see it now.

Illustration by artist David Parkins.


Cabrina said...

Done! LOL

Rot said...

that's great!

Cabrina said...

And...I got that sound fx box from you wrote aobut early. It is fun, indeed! I got the two other fx boxes for a lil radio show I do.

No big budget for us, LOL

Thanks for the heads up tho.

Rot said...

That's pretty cool.
I bought the Halloween one too.
I keep it at the office. It is shockingly loud.

screaminscott said...

I'm glad Cabrina posted that. I KNEW i had seen those before!

Wes and Tracy said...

In Minneapolis, we have the famous Lake Harriet Tree Elf, Mr. Little Guy. The door to his house is located in the base of an ash tree just off of the lake's walking path. Local children leave notes and gifts at his door & he responds to every note. At the end of each response, he alway ends with "I believe in you"; stating that says he wants kids to believe that they can be anything they want to be.

You can google him or check out the two stories below. It is a very sweet tradition in our area.

Rot said...

Thanks for that info. VERY VERY cool.

Love that they leave notes.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Great post! I love the idea of adding a little magic to everyday life. And the those who commented provided some great info too.