Friday, July 9, 2010

The Splat Pack

A new documentary about the last decade of horror films.
I'm really mixed on the directors featured, so it'd be interesting to hear their views on the industry today versus the industry during the golden age of Horror (hopefully they actually DO discuss that topic, and it's not just each director's self-lovefest).

Click below for the trailer (features some gore):


Mantan Calaveras said...

You know, you'd make an excellent art director on a modern horror movie rot.

Rot said...

Thanks : )

Sara said...

i got irritated watching that trailer. i think i am just irritated because i am actually irritated at the slasher films of today. i fear i may rant, so i'm done now, lol.

i miss classy horror. *sad face*

Rot said...


Anonymous said...

That documentary looks disappointing. I can't think of any worse "horror" director than Eli Roth, and yes Rot, it does seem like it will end up being a self-lovefest.