Wednesday, July 7, 2010




Pam Morris said...

I love that mausoleum...that's on my 'to do this year' list (we'll see how that one goes..)

Rot said...

I'm too afraid of styrofoam to even try something like that.
I've always been curious, but all those tiny white particles everywhere... and the weakness of the material...I'm a bull with my props. I try not to be, but I always end up banging my props around way too much. Foam wouldn't last a week with me.

Bean is always laughing when I move a prop through the house because it inevitably gets banged on something. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Hi there its me Spookilicious Mama. I just saw that I made it onto your blog! THat is so cool:) I wanted to let you all know that the mausoleum is not made of styrofoam. Its made of plywood and 2x4's. Very very heavy however it comes apart and stores in my garage every year:) THe only thing that is styrofoam is the skull over the doorway. Thats an old tombstone that I sprayed with stone spray to match. So thrilled to make your blog:)