Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

HUGE fan of the original made-for-tv version, and this is looking pretty neat.

Click below:


Der Krampus said...

Was that the movie from the 1970's that had little creatures in the ducts?? Did they actually pull the woman by her hair into the air duct!?!?! I remember seeing that on tv as a kid, I was so glad when we moved to a house that had electric baseboard heat, no more heat ducts!

Rot said...

That's the one.
To be a young child and to see something about tiny creatures that only come out in the dark and whisper to a lady and eventually pull her into a small hole in the fireplace...

Just horrifying.

I hope this movie pulls it off.

Der Krampus said...

I really hope so too. I have been searching for years for the original, but I would settle for a well made remake, although that is a rare thing these days.