Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dr. Frankenstein And The Arms Race

"They must all know... know that I, Baron von Frankenstein, Master of the Secret of Creation have now mastered the Secret of Destruction."

I heard about it, saw photos from it, and I even own the soundtrack... but I've never seen it. Here's the intro to Mad Monster Party.

Click below to watch:


The Captain said...

I started to watch it for the first time last year and I fell asleep, what I saw looked pretty cool. I'll have to try again this year. I don't know how I never saw it before, I love all the other Rankin & Bass programs.

Shotgun_Mario said...

it's a pretty good film-- rankin/bass does halloween!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of it also but never really seen it so I was shocked when a few days ago I found a copy on dvd at a local music store. I'll be watching it this weekend!


Tim said...

I just posted some screen captures from the 1972 animated version/sequel, "Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters". Check them out here, Camp Nightmare.

Cabrina said...

This was an annual must see for me growing up! They cut out a lot of the songs, due to commercial breaks. But I couldn't WAIT to see this movie!

A few years ago I was in the local grocery store and there was the DVD in the $5.99 pile. I think I left a lil puddle of pee in the aisle!

I too fell asleep when I watched it. I think, with all the parts they cut, it was too long for me. (and I'm like 40 years older now LOL)

Still a favorite!

Anonymous said...

It is on dvd I own it. If there is a moviestop near you, you can usually find it used there. I know there is one in Philly. The best time to find it however is during your favorite season!

Ghoul Friday said...

What do you MEAN you haven't seen it?

Hand over your Halloween Master Certificate.

I remember watching it on tv as a little girl and my mother, in all her wisdom, taped it off the tv for me. Wore down that copy for over 20 years, and finally found a proper VHS copy.

And now I have it on DVD.

Mad Monster party is - bar none - my favourite animated monster/halloween inspired film (followed closely by "Witch's Night Out". If you haven't seen that one, find it online. It's impossible to get otherwise. 1970 ridiculous animated goodness).

Haunted Eve said...

I think Mad Monster Party was a very big inspiration for me as a kid. It aired on TV only a couple of times back in the early 70's and I just happened to catch them. For years it seemed like I was the only person in the world that had ever even seen it. I grabbed a copy when it came out on DVD back around 2003. I also have found memories of other 70's Halloween specials like The Halloween That Almost Wasn't. There was also a Halloween themed magic special that aired in the late 70's but dang if I can remember the name of it. Tales from the Darkside and Monsters were my 80's inspirations for Halloween when I was a teenager. Mrs. Haunted Eve and I are particularly fond of Disney's Halloweentown series of movies. They filled a seriously missing void for new Halloween material last decade.