Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeney's Halloween 2010

This store was still in the process of putting their Halloween decorations out, but it looked like the bulk of it was already on the shelves.

Here's what we bought:


Autumnforest said...

Oh, I'm so in the mood! Wish our stores were putting up their stuff now. We take forever in the desert!

Jay's Shadow said...

I am feeling the Halloween spirit already!

ShellHawk said...

Love the new banner.
Please send Bean to take pictures of my haunt this year, 'cause mine suck in comparison. I have a comfy guest room and all the wine she can drink.
P.S. You're invited, too. Love you! Love your show! ;o)

Rot said...

: D

Ghoul Friday said...

Lap up all that love from Shellhawk, pal, cuz you will get none here. That's right, buddy. Because you keep posting these beautiful pictures of fantastic stores that I will never see, and in such detail that it's almost like I'm there.

But I'm not.

I am oh so far away from them.

*pout* yeah, Mr. Rot. If that really IS your name *eyes you suspiciously*. I choose to save my "thanks for sharing" and "this is why I love your blog", and instead roll all my jealousy and poutyness into a ball. Because one day, when we finally meet, be prepared; I will unleash all those ill feelings with a single finger-poke to the chest. And then you'll be sorry...oh yes...then you'll be sorry.

(Seriously though, I wish I could see these in person, or the stores had online shopping. The displays are like a Halloween wonderland. I'd find excuses to be there all the time. Thanks for sharing..oh no...I meant *poke to the chest*)

Rot said...

You're awesome.

: D

Ghoul Friday said...

Hmmm. Flattery. An unexpected and effective defence tactic.

I've underestimated you.

You win this one, Mr. Rot.