Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tom Atkins And Halloween 3

I don't know how I missed the news that Tom Atkins might be in the next Halloween film.
Here's what he said in a Fangoria interview back in March:

Beyond that, Atkins reveals that he, Lussier and Farmer plan to collaborate yet again—on the much-discussed HALLOWEEN III. The third entry in the new Michael Myers franchise begun by Rob Zombie hit a snag with the Weinstein Company a little while back, and the actor says, “They’re still looking for the money, but it’s pretty much set to go this December or early next year. Me and Scout Taylor-Compton are both going to do it.” And his role in the sequel? “Sort of like a Dr. Frankenstein—‘It’s aliiiiive!’ No, I’m a shrink in a mental hospital that Laurie [Taylor-Compton] is in with a bunch of other girls who have been up to no good. I’m trying to help them find a way to the light.”

No idea where H3 stands now. It seems they're having problems getting it off the ground. Though after the last two...


Sam Kadi said...

last I heard they were going to do a 3d version, thank god that got canned. I hope the weinsteins can get this going and do something creepy, and get a good script. I love Zombie but I wasnt crazy about H2, way too violent for me. Give me scares and atmosphere any day over brutal fricking violence for violence's sake. Just my two cents.